Interview with TV Producer and Video Marketer Peter Kelly.

Lights. Cameras. Action! A day in the life of TV producer and video marketer, Peter Kelly.

The call of every famous director. Since our smartphones can now record video, it is also the action call for many small business owners. Marketing for small businesses has increasingly turned to video on social media. With this new marketing platform like Tiktok and Instagram, as well as all the zoom calls we’ve been on the last year, we may all need a little camera direction.

Last month I had the privilege of going live on Instagram with Peter Kelly from Peter Kelly Media. Peter 15 years of experience making corporate videos and working in the Canadian television industry, including 3 years as the Head of Post Production for Glassbox Television and 5 years as a staff editor at Blueant Media.

Peter is an expert on small business video marketing, and so we figured it would be interesting to our community since a lot of our clients run their own businesses. Check out the interview here.