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Hull Life Insurance Corporation:

A service-oriented, family-run insurance practice spanning four generations

Most learn the business of insurance from a text book – or at a program in business school. For a select few, however, it is in their DNA, where the insurance practice is passed down from father to son, generation to generation. This is the case with Hull Life Insurance Corporation where an inherited passion for risk management, genuine care for clients and true mastery of the field of life insurance has been alive and well for four generations.

David Hull

President and CEO

A straight-shooter, consummate pro and insurance trailblazer

The son and grandson of industry legends, David Hull is widely respected and widely known for his no-nonsense style, deep insurance knowledge – and his own unique way of doing business. Always genuinely interested in the welfare of his clients, he works dedicatedly with affluent entrepreneurs and business owners – helping them plan wisely and mitigate risk at each stage of their professional and personal lives. Since 1978, David has helped hundreds of families, professionals and business leaders secure their future with innovative life, disability and critical illness solutions to provide ultimate peace of mind.

David been a member of MDRT for 40 years with 15 Top of the Table qualifications. He is also one of the founding members of CALU (Conference for the Advanced Life Underwriting). In his spare time, David enjoys fitness and spending time with his family, including wife Marilyn, four children and three grandchildren.

Sarah Hull


Serving “Millennials” and the insurance needs of younger individuals and families

An exceptional relationship manager, Sarah Hull is today a dynamic force behind the ongoing success of Hull Life Insurance Corporation. Sarah has single-handedly created a strong social and online presence for her family’s company, ensuring insurance clients are digitally served, and that the family’s deep insurance expertise is shared across multiple platforms. Like her dad, Sarah is also a savvy and smart insurance advisor, always making her younger clients’ best interests a priority, and working hard to find the most cost-effective and best fit solutions individuals and families, as they begin to plan their lives and secure their futures.

Prior to working for the family business, Sarah was fundraising manager at Junior Achievement of Canada and holds her BSc. from Acadia University. In her spare time Sarah is an avid runner and participated in the Boston Marathon in April 2019. 

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