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Join me for our next Live Stream Webinar on Instagram Live.Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance for Small Business Owners Live Stream Webinar

Self-employed people are especially vulnerable as every decision you make is directly tied to your finances and career.

When someone works for themselves, their name, brand, and bank account are at stake. Since we can’t control all the risks we face, we should purchase insurance to protect ourselves. Insurance products like critical illness and disability insurance can help with that. Critical illness and disability insurance policies help by providing beneficiaries with funds when they are unable to work. Unable to work due to a disability or critical illness. Policies may cover a portion of wages to help pay for additional expenses that come along with injury or sickness. A small business owner is in the unique position of owning a company. and Entrepreneurs may not have private insurance to help pay for added expenses.

Join me on Thursday, April 29th at 7 PM  over on Instagram, @hulllifeins, where I will be speaking to the unique challenges and benefits of insurance for the self-employed. As a small business owner, this live stream webinar will help you understand your critical and disability insurance needs.