Do you actually need life insurance?

Yes, you probably do, and here’s some reasons why.

Just like eating, breathing and taxes….

life insurance is probably a good idea.

Here’s some reasons why you could benefit from getting a quote while you’re young.

No one likes to think about their death. Ergo no one likes to think about life insurance. As human’s, we’re huge procrastinators and life insurance gets pushed down the list of must-dos. Most people keep putting off life insurance until there’s some sort of event that makes them get it, but by then their rates are probably a lot higher than if they had of got life insurance sooner.


do you need life insurance?

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I know death is an icky subject, but I’m going to ask you a couple hard questions…

If you were to have an untimely death tomorrow, who would take over your debt?

If you own a house, a business or have personal debt, your spouse, parents or sibling usually have to take over paying those debts after you’re gone. Life insurance protects your loved ones from having to take on that onerous responsibility after your death.


Do you have kids?

Okay, I’m going to be harsh here for a second. Here’s the hard truth… if you have kids and you don’t have life insurance, you probably have put your entire family at financial risk. Life insurance makes sure your mortgage can be paid and your spouse and kids are taken care of after you’re gone if something awful were to happen to you unexpectedly. 


Why purchase it now? When you’re young?

Did you know rates can be almost 2 times as expensive for a 40-year old versus a 35-year-old for life insurance? The younger you are the less of a financial burden life insurance can be. Life insurance is much more affordable the sooner you get it in life. We even have low rates and policies for babies and kids!

Is there anyone who doesn’t need life insurance?

You might not need life insurance when you or your spouse have enough assets and income to independently care for yourself should something happen to either one of you. You probably don’t need life insurance anymore if your children are all grown up and self-sufficient humans who care for themselves. 

If you fall under the category of most millennials, young, married, first home or you have a child, the best thing you can do is talk to an advisor like me, Sarah Hull. When it comes to insurance there is no DIY route. Life insurance is regulated and must be purchased through a licensed life insurance agent. There are a ton of tiny policy details that change from one person to the next. It can be overwhelming trying to sort through it all. I’ll help you find the best rate and understand the jargon of your policy. Ask me for a free quote to make sure your family is protected.


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